The sense ‘Taste’ is related to the element of water and fire. As we are made of 99 percent of water, this sense has a massive affect on the health of our physical bodies while also having a huge impact of our mentality. We all have heard the metaphor you are what you eat, this i believe is more valid than perceived by the majority of population. With this possibly being the reason for our current health epidemics, here i will try and explain some aspects of ‘Taste’ too raise awareness to the fact that food affects more than just our physical health.

 Good Foods Help You Move And Groove While Enhancing Your Mood – Siddha Somanomah

At an early age how we engage in our tactile world is through taste, its not uncommon to see an infant take a toy straight to mouth before engaging in play. From birth as we move through life we move further from our natural/original healthy state (prakriti) to our current state (vakriti). As food is something we need day too day to survive, what we consume,digest and assimilate into bodies plays a major role in our health and mentality. As the sense of taste is related to water (liquid crystal which can be manipulated with intention) it carries the six vital classes of nutrients: carbohydrates, fats, minerals, protein, vitamins, and water to the very depths of our bodies.

All we consume ‘flows like water’ too each of our cells bones organs tissues etc, and if the food is stagnant-our bodies/minds will reflect and be a product of this.

The other aspect of taste is ‘Fire’ this element is found in our bodies in the form of sodium. We all need salt or sodium in our bodies, and this i find interesting as our ‘Taste’ is made up of water and fire (salt) thus completing the polarity or our inner universe. (Salt is made up of sodium and chloride. It is the main source of sodium in our diet. Sodium helps to regulate the amount of fluid (Water) in the body. But too much sodium has been linked to high blood pressure and the taste buds becoming dull. Therefore needing more sodium too feel pleasure from food, thus beginning the vicious cycle of excess consumption and creating disease in the process- usually found in processed/take away ‘Tamasic’ foods).

Now as with our earth and our bodies, each ‘Taste/flavor’ has within it, each of the elements and its own aspect too healing;

‘Sweet‘ -Earth + Water Builds tissues, calms nerves Fruit, grains, natural sugars, milk.

Sour‘ - Water+ Fire - Fire Cleanses tissues, increases absorption of minerals
–Sour fruits, yogurt, fermented foods.

Pungent-Air +FireFire Stimulates digestion and metabolism– Chili peppers, herbs and spices.

Bitter‘-Air + Ether - Detoxifies and lightens tissues –Dark leafy greens, herbs and spices.

Astringent‘-Air + Earth - Absorbs water, tightens tissues, dries fats –Legumes, raw fruits and vegetables, herbs.

Salt‘- Water+fire - Improves taste to food, lubricates tissues, stimulates digestion– Natural salts, sea vegetables.

In the west we have become accustom to seeing the doctor for any arising illness. But i have seen that food holds the key too healing our being Physically/Mentally and spiritually.

Here is a simple example -take the general common cold which is sticky moist and warm (mucus/flem). Looking at this from an elemental aspect mucus and flem is hot (pungent) and moist (water), with the opposite of the equation being bitter (Air) and dry). So what you would do in this case is to introduce dry/cool foods such as Aloe Vera too dry out the Ama/mucus- which is warm and moist). Then too rid the toxins completely from the system you now introduce hot (pungent) and dry to burn up the left over dried out mucus.


The key too proper assimulation of food into our bodies is through proper/adequate digestion (Agni). In Ayurveda good health is due to not eating excessively (burping during a meal indicates you have had your fill) or eating at the wrong time of day or snacking on ‘Dosha’ aggravating foods. As we have mentioned above , fire is incorporated into the sense of taste. Agni or digestion is the product of this element working well in our system, with the end product being Ojas (Ojas is the sap of one’s life energy which when sufficient, is equated with immunity but when deficient, results in weakness, fatigue and ultimately disease). Having good ‘Agni’ is vital too good health, because if we are not digesting our food we’re creating and imbalance and stagnation- which moves through the body creating dissonance, illness and disease. A Good indication that ‘Ama’ is present is if there is a milky residue on your tongue upon awaking in the morning. A simplified diet should be executed consisting of ‘Sattvic foods such as  rice (sweet) and dhal (bitter) for a few days ,while sipping ginger (pungent) tea to flush the system and kidneys.

Mood Foods

As food and taste affects our bodies, what we consume also has within it the characteristics too enhance our mood or afflict it.

In Ayurveda there are 3 classes of food characteristics called ‘Gunas’-
SATTVIC- Being Pure and Progressive- RAJASTIC- Lingering, staying the same or stagnant- TAMASIC- Dull Regressive.


Sattvic foods are light and easy to digest they bring clarity and perception have the potential to unfold love and compassion in the individual, promotes the qualities of forgiveness and austerity, it gives a feeling of contentment.

Dairy products such as butter and cheese
Dried peas, beans and lentils
Fresh vegetables and fruit
Herbal teas
Ghee (clarified butter)
Nuts and seeds
Organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables
Pure fruit juices
Sprouted seeds
Whole meal bread
We can see that all things grow towards or rely on the light (Sun). Eating foods that are closest to this source, thus getting energy 1st hand will create a more pure state of mind and body. With this said shopping ‘Organic’ will ensure the nutrients are as pure as nature intended. There is a saying humans will try too imitate nature but nature will never imitate humans.


Rajasic foods are hot, spicy and salty
—They are irritants and stimulants
—All morish or tempting foods come under the category of rajasic
—Heavily spiced foods e.g. hot pickles and chutneys which can stimulate the senses
—Rajasic foods make the mind more agitated and susceptible to temptation
—The mind can become more rajasic, which means it tends towards anger, hate and manipulation.
Spicy foods
Stimulants like coffee and teas
Fish and meat
Eating in a haste or in fast un-nurturing enviroment without chewing properly is also considered a rajastic quality.


Tamasic food is heavy, dull and depressing
—It induces sleep
—Under this category comes dark meat, lamb, pork, beef,  (which are 3rd rate energy- The grass gets its energy from the sun (1) the animals get their energy from the grass (2)we can get our energy from the animal (3)

—Old and stale food is also tamasic
—Only when too much of it is eaten, it causes the dulling effect.
In moderation, tamasic food is considered as grounding and promotes stability.
Avocado, watermelon, plums, apricots
Wheat, brown rice,
mushrooms, GARLIC, onion, pumpkin
Urad dal, black, pinto, pink
Cheese (especially yellow cheese)

As alot of food does not fall into the category of ‘Sattvic’, with all the fast food/frozen food options and preservative filled food. This aspect of diet does take some discipline and confidence; but once you have seen and felt the initial benefits, you will feel more empowered, positive and healthy in every aspect of your being.

Thus concludes my brief introduction into food.

I guess what i am trying too convey, is that food is not just a means for survival it also affects our relationship too our true selves the divine and above all this- the earth which gives us all we need to feel 100 percent, 100 percent of the time.


I can help execute all i have described above, with dietary guidance and a method called Pancha-Karma (five actions) which is a program for cleansing and rejuvenating the body, mind and consciousness. It is well renowned for its beneficial effects on overall health, wellness and self-healing.


    Here is the New Ru Vedic YouTube channel. I will posting Videos that reflect and incorporate techniques from Primordial Sounds to Ayurvedic Cooking and everything in between. As i cannot physically be everywhere at once, i see this as a great Tool to use for acquiring  information when i am not present. Or a place to come for inspiration and guidance.



      Primordial sound

      The sense of sound is related to the element of space. In the beginning was the word and the word was all there was (AUM- the sound of the 7th/cosmic consciousness chakra). But creation didn’t stop there.

      In the beginning was the word, this is all that could be heard across the universe – Siddha Somanomah.

      Ancient Hindu and Ayurvedic texts state, that pure consciousness ‘God’, ‘Love’ ‘Light’ at time immemorial wanted to express itself; and with this came -Aum/Om (ॐ).  As a writer I have been intrigued by certain phrases that leave a feeling of peace-space and grace,and this has lead me on a journey to seek out and try too possibly understand what is happening on a energetic level when this occurs. As words and sound are merely vibrations and vibration is creation.

      The initial stage of vibratory creation in the physical world starts from higher to lower; for example quarks move up through photons then atoms and so on. This is an example of a inner holistic universe as each has within it, itself; and all that existed before it -making it whole. Albert Einstein once said ‘Science will one day prove the existence of God/ The source/Aum/Love. So let’s take a brief look at where this commences biologically- conception. How we perceive speech or sound is through the sense of hearing which is product of the element of ‘space’. This is handy too be aware of because our infants digest a lot before they exit the womb so this is why Ii feel it is the most important thing to be aware of during pregnancy; with diet and emotional awareness being the next two things that shape our infants mental and physical characteristics.

      “Our 1st ‘life’ experience in the womb, before any other sense develops is of sound and vibration. In utero we are afloat in body temperature amniotic fluid – weight-less. We have fluid in our nose and mouth, which eliminates the senses of smell and taste. We have our eyes closed and are in the dark so no sense of sight. We have fluid in our ears pressed right up against the eardrum – but sound travels through water fives times more effectively than through air, therefore our sense of hearing is actually amplified. The symphony of sound patterns we experience at this time will be deeply embedded in our subconscious mind for the rest of our lives – water swishing sounds, arterial pulse sounds and voice sounds. These are our first experiences of “Primordial Sounds.”

      With this in mind we can see he/it (the 1st stage of creation) never actually left us and is still vibrating within and around us today. So we must ask ourselves “Can we tap into these ‘vibes’ for healing and does tapping into that ‘source’ bring healing for us all; physically emotionally and spiritually?”  And the answer unsurprisingly is yes! With this said, I would like to give a brief introduction to a new kind of healing, using words and vibration-so let’s begin with language and words. Within our words are intention and the power of creation and of course destruction.

      The highest form of manifestation from the spiritual world is our words, as they so very powerful for creating a sense of peace or on the other hand afflicting negativity. Within our words are vowels and consonants. Vowels (eee- aye-eye-ah-oh-ooo -uh) bring harmony into the body by removing dissonance. While consonants localize energy in a specific area (t- h- s- f -v -sh- ch- th). For example ‘E’ being the Primordial sound of the 7th crown chakra can found in a simple sentence like- be dream breath perceive dream achieve peace release repeat.

      Now let’s back track a little for a brief outline of how this works. Each chakra has a specific resonance and is connected to our subtle energy channels called ‘Meridians’ or Nadi’s). Which run throughout the entire body creating a ocean of subtle vibratory under currents.

      These tones or vowels are-
      eee “OM”- chakra 7 (crown)
      aye“OM”- chakra 6 (third eye/brow)
      eye“HAM”- chakra 5 (throat)
      ah“YAM”- chakra 4 (heart)
      oh=“RAM”- chakra 3 (solar plexus)
      ooo “VAM”- chakra 2 (sacral/navel)
      uh “LAM”- chakra 1 (root) c

      For instance if self empowerment  is an issue, we can help this energetic/emotional issue move with the use of a vowel/thought association. This example would relate to (among other things) an inactive solar plexus chakra – the healing sound would be ‘ow’ which localizes and resonates in this region. By eliminating dissonance from our energy field and raising harmonic balance we can bring a new level of creation into our initial level of molecular generation.
      The technique for learning primordial sounds is very simple. Just experiment with them all for a few days. One will feel better than the others so please take a sound that feels good for you and apply the following steps.

      Step 1) Once you have acquired your personal sound -find a place you feel warmth and love to move into your own sacred space.

      2) Now you can use the chosen vowel too heal yourself with visualization, intention and mindful manifestation. For instance if you have a liver issue, all you need to do is attach the emotion of healing to this sound. Now just simply by using intention, attach the feeling of healing while saying (aloud or in your mind) the chosen vowel.

      3) Now visualise this sound with healing intent and send it to your liver.

      I understand this sounds ‘unique’ to say the least- but remember vibration is creation.

      Now these sounds can also be used for activating or stimulating your inner energy spots known as the chakras. For instance take the vowel ‘AH’, for example (heart chakra or Anahata). Do the above technique-(I find doing this aloud is great as you can really feel it in your chest) You can do this a few times daily- a tune up so too speak.

      By understanding and practicing these as well as meditation each day you can literally tap in the subtle molecular and emotional generation of your subtle body.

      I have been using these sacred vowels for a while, and have come up with a writing style that incorporates these. By being aware of the vowels while reading, you can literally be fine tuning your chakras or removing dissonance in your body. Here is a little story I wrote- please be aware of the underlying vowels and ‘relax’ into the ‘Present tense’.

      Too seek too see.

      A journey of discovery has led me too ‘worry’ that indeed money is now more lovely than honey. Some inventions require intervention, some progressions need to be questioned. When ecology lives in the shadow of economy and our mother bleeds because of greed and our trees are lost too keep our profits strong. When all there is too gain is numbers on a page. Is this the fate. we make for this techno-illogical break? was this a mistake?. We take and take, when we will say ‘life’ isn’t meant too be this way. Again and again I remain dazed as we rise each day to fly by those red and green lights just too see those numbers in our bank at night! Sleep tight everything will be alright until our mother begins to cry for our chosen loss of light. We must with love, remain united, not misguided or divided. Hold on tight for the ride, through this incarnated life. I hope we all might defy our minds and really too begin to ask why? Don’t lose sight you are divine, even if humankind has missed the signs somewhere along the line.

      Hz Frequency 

      Over the past decade or two scientists of been looking at Vibration and its relationship too our health. Just like the primordial sound technique above, having these on hand are amazing tools while meditating. Dr L Horowitz found that the vibration of love is ’528′ while the frequency of  the earth is 7.83 (Winfred Schuman). Here is a few, you can find these on my YouTube channel.

      UT (DO) – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
      RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
      MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
      FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
      SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
      LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

      With respect to ‘Primordial Sounds’, at the time we are conceived our mother was vibrating at a certain Hz. If we find out what that was, we can use this specific Hz as a catalyst for molecular regeneration. As well as these frequencies above, if we listen too music based around the ‘solfeggio’ scale we will also see amazing benefits.

      With a personalized consultation, i can help you understand and implement ‘Primordial sound techniques’, which i believe should be a integral part to any healing process.

        The highest sense we have is smell, this sense is the result of the earth element. Aromatherapy has long proven the healing benefits of floral essences, but there are a few more aspects also up for consideration with relation too the beneficial aspect of aromas.

        Neuro-Associative Conditioning

        As our memory of a certain event in time can be triggered by a sound or sight. The sense of smell can be used and manipulated for memory association and healing, this is called neuro-associative conditioning. This practice is implemented by associating a smell to a situation or emotion therefore establishing a pathway for your brain too create a healing sequence each time that ‘smell’ is recognized. For example if you are in a good mood/mind frame we can help trigger this state of mind again if we smell an aroma used in that moment of clarity and bliss. This practice is as simple as it sounds, just pick a fragrance u like and keep it with you always whether that be in form of a oil or flower essence and smell when the situation u like arises. You will be surprised how effective this is at triggering memories from the past.


        I’ve also found that having knowledge of your Ayurvedic body type (dosha) as well, helps with the overall healing process. Here is a basic introduction into aromatherapy and Ayurveda.

        Balancing VATA which is usually taken out of balance due to an excess in air, space, cold and dryness. Using a earthy grounding fragrance will help bring this dosha back into balance.

        Vata fragrances include – Frankincense, Rosewood, Spruce Sweet Orange, Geranium Rose  and Ylang Ylang.

        If PITTA is imbalanced this is related to having an excess in heat utilizing a cooling aroma is advised to bring back into balance.

        Pitta fragrances include – Rose, Fennel and Sandalwood, often with smaller amounts of soothing oils such as Ylang Ylang and Frankincense and some uplifting oils such as Lemon or Peppermint.

        If KAPHA is imbalanced a lighter uplifting aroma is used as kapha is generally thrown out of balance by too much heaviness.

        Kapha fragrances include – Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Basil, with smaller amounts of balancing oils such as Frankincense or Ylang Ylang.

        This said please take into consideration that each body is unique these examples are merely guidelines’


        Pitta- Water fire

        Vata- Air space

        Kapha- Earth water

        Here is a list of fragrance parameters

        SPICY-  Fire, Air- Stimulating,invigorating awakening.

        SWEET- Earth, Water- Relaxing, calming,nourishing,harmonizing,regulatory, moistening.

        LEMONY- Fire, Earth- Clearing,clarifying,sensitizing,focusing,energizing.

        GREEN- Air, Ether- Balancing, Regulating, Cooling,Relaxing,Clarifying.

        WOODY- Earth- Centering,Grounding,Strengthening.

        ROOTY-  Air Ether- Stabilizing, Grounding,Tonifying, Calming.

        Purfumaro Practices

        Thus said there is a indigenous practice that utilizes fragrances for protection and attraction, which i find fascinating to say the least. The idea that intention and prayer could also be put into a fragrance, gives cause to rejoice as not only can we associate healing to our physical bodies via neuro-associative conditioning and certain Ayurvedic models. We also can heal or manipulate our spiritual channels with the use of different perfumes. Here is a brilliant article on this practice, please keep an eye of the ‘products’ page as i will be adding a selection of activated ‘pusungas’ from time too time.

        But please be aware these will be in limited supply.



        The plant spirits in the Amazon love strong, sharp, sweet smells. Thus, one way to acquire protection against malevolent persons and their pathogenic projectiles is to acquire such a sweet smell oneself, as opposed to the ordinary human smell, including the smell of human sex, which the spirits dislike. Shamans achieve this state, and provide it for their patients, by putting substances with sharp sweet smells either on or inside the body.

        First among such substances is, of course, tobacco, which is ingested by indigenous shamans in every conceivable way, and by mestizo shamans primarily by smoking or by drinking cold infusions of tobacco leaves in water. Blowing tobacco smoke onto the body of a patient, or into the body by blowing the smoke into the top of the head, is part of the foundational triad of mestizo shamanic healing — shacapar, rattling; chupar, sucking; and soplar, blowing.And shamans drink perfume, primarily the cologne called Agua de Florida. There can be combinations of sweet substances: Pablo Amaringo tells of one female shaman who drank a mixture of chopped tobacco, perfume, camphor, aguardiente, hot pepper, lemon, and salt, together with a little arsenic. “Then she drank everything,” Amaringo says. “Large black stains appeared all over her skin.” The shaman began to sing and sing, and to blow forcefully here and there with her perfumed breath. My own teacher doña María Tuesta drank a mixture of tobacco, camphor, camalonga seeds, and Agua de Florida cologne.For the same reason, mestizo shamans ingest commercial cologne, mouthwash, disinfectant, and camphor. Two commercial products are particularly common — Timolina, marketed in English-speaking countries as Thymoline, a commercial alkaline mouthwash and gargle containing thyme oil, eucalyptol, menthol, and pine oil, dissolved in alcohol, similar to Listerine; and Creolina, marketed also as Creoline, Creolin, Cresyline, and similar names, a disinfectant made of cresol or cresylic acid in soft soap solution, similar to Lysol. Shamans also drink camphor dissolved in alcohol, and a drink called camalonga — a mixture of camphor, alcohol, white onion, and the seeds of the camalonga plant, yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana).

        Shamans often place perfumes and colognes on the bodies of patients, as crosses on their forehead, chest, and back, whistling a special song of protection, to seal, close, and protect the body. Some blow aguardienteover a patient’s body, as a fine fast spray from their mouths, to cleanse and cure, or the mouthwash Timolina, or the disinfectant Creolina. There is a type of shaman in the Amazon called a perfumero, who specializes in the use of such scents to attack, to heal, and to attract.

        Agua de Florida was first manufactured for Victorian ladies in the nineteenth century by the firm of Murray and Lanman in New York. It is remarkable that this commercial cologne should have assumed such a central role not only in the shamanism of the Peruvian Amazon, but also for magical purposes among people of African-diaspora descent in the United States and the Caribbean: bottles of Agua de Florida can be found equally on the mesas of Amazonian healers and on the altars of Vodou priestesses in Brooklyn. Other colognes — Agua de KanangaColonia de Rosas — are also widely used, and may be found for sale in the herbal market in Belén in Iquitos.

        Another way of acquiring a protective sweet strong smell is by taking a limpia or baño de flores, cleansing flower bath, using strongly scented herbs, flowers, and commercially prepared perfumes. The fragrant plants used in limpias include ajo sacha, wild garlic (Mansoa alliacea); albaca, wild basil (Ocimum micranthum);ruda, rue (Ruta graveolens); mishquipanga, dwarf ginger (Renealmia alpina); and mucura, garlic weed (Petivera alliacea), as well as other plants — especially those that are morado, purple — which protect from sorcery. To these may be added commercially prepared perfumes and floral essences — Agua de FloridaAgua de RosasAgua de KanangaRosa de Castilla — and the thyme-scented mouthwash Timolina. These baths are wonderful.

        Agua de Florida is a teacher, just like the plantas maestras, the plants who teach, and one can undertake la dieta, a restricted diet, with Agua de Florida just as one could with any healing or protecting plant. For thirty days, says doña María, drink a small bottle of the cologne every night before going to sleep, then sit quietly during the day, concentrating and smoking mapacho cigarettes. At the end of this time, the genio, the spirit, of Agua de Florida will come to you; he will appear in a dream or vision, she says, as an hombre buen gringo, a very European-looking man. He will have three birds with him and the spirits of four spiny palms — birds that serve sorcerers, and the thorny palms from which sorcerers make their virotes, magic darts. The spirit of Agua de Florida will ask you, “Why have you come here? What are you seeking?” And he will offer you a choice of how to use the power of the perfume — for attack, for defense, or for healing.

        Such is the power of strong sweet smells in the Amazon.

        - Steve buyer www.singingtotheplants.com

          In the last few weeks, I have been able to grasp and make tangible some concepts, principles and idea’s that have been published through ‘The Elephant journal‘ on-line magazine. As some of the ‘teachings‘ that have been coming through me recently, have been too big to really formulate into words for the general public.

          I am indeed very thankful to be able to share these with a wider audience.

          As I invoke The ‘elephant’ God Ganesha to help me write, I find the ‘ The Elephant journal’ a great vehicle to share my insights.

          Do yourself a huge favour and sign up to this site, its really very cheap and has some really insightful articles being published each day- peace.


            • Disclaimer.

              The methods and products mentioned on this blog are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease .I ask you to please always use your own judgment before following any advice you find online.

              Please contact me directly before self administering any of the 'products' cited here, to ensure they are right for you.(Especially if you are pregnant, nursing or in your menstrual cycle- which brings much more into play than it would if you were not).

              Ayurveda is very particular in the sense that, your body's needs can vary based on the person, dosha, season, imbalances, time of day, time of season etc etc.

              The practices of Primordial sounds, massage, aromatherapy or any therapies mentioned here are fine for everyone, but self medicating with Ayurvedic HERBS could prove dangerous if taken without professional advice.

              I have been studying Ayurveda for 5 yrs, and feel that empirical experience is the best way to learn -but please use common- sense if this is the way you intend to grasp the ideals of Ayurveda.